The Nosler® Solids™ are exactly that – Solid. Nosler® engineers were challenged to design an unrivaled dangerous game bullet that would create the deepest wound channel possible, reliably feed in a bolt action rifle, and share the same point of impact as the Nosler® Partition® of equal caliber and weight. Needless to say, our engineers had their work cut out for them but in true Nosler® fashion, they exceeded expectations.

  • Flat-Nose Design

    Reduces deflection off of bone and muscle for deep penetration and an impressively straight would channel.

  • Seating groove

    Produces optimal load versatility.

  • Solid™ Bullet Construction and Lead-free alloy

    Delivers lethal penetration.

Game Recommendations

Buffalo Buffalo


Part # Product Image Caliber Bullet Weight Bullet Profile BC G1 Box Qty Price QtyDetailsPurchase
29825 9.3mm 286gr Solid (25ct) 9.3mm 286gr Flat Nose 0.35 25
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29755 375 Caliber 260gr Solid (25ct) 375 260gr Flat Nose 0.254 25
Special Price $89.95 Regular Price $137.49
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28451 375 Caliber 300gr Solid (25ct) 375 300gr Flat Nose 0.3 25
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23654 416 Caliber 400gr Solid (25ct) 416 416gr Flat Nose 0.289 25
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27452 458 Caliber 500gr Solid (25ct) 458 458gr Flat Nose 0.246 25
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