Event Sponsorship Policy

Nosler tries its best to accommodate the majority of requests that align with our mission, beliefs, and business objectives. However, in order for us to properly and efficiently reply to requests and fulfill them, we need at least 30 to 60 days notice before the event or activity date.

Please note: Because of the volume of requests we receive daily, they are processed according to the date of the event and accepted requests are fulfilled  before the event.


Our policy is to concentrate our contributions to organizations or groups that fall into the following categories of activity because we are unable to support every cause, no matter how deserving it may be:


    • Direct engagement with the industry or shooting sports in general
    • Community organizations where we provide important support or services; youth and school organizations; community activities.
    • In general, we don't support people financially or financially support people to enter competitions or other individual contests.
    • We only allow one donation per event every calendar year in order to allocate our donation funds equitably.

Event Sponsorship Request

Please complete the online form below. Do not submit your request more than 1 time per event.

Please upload a copy of your 501c3 tax documents

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You must be 18 years of age or older to enter due to the nature of the products offered.

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