Designed specically for modern high capacity, long range cartridges, the Nosler SR-33ALTi suppressor features the same innovative sound suppression technology as the rest of the Nosler ALTi family of suppressors, but in a magnum 338 caliber-capable format. With durable, lightweight aluminum and titanium construction, the SR-33 offers excellent noise and recoil reduction without adding excessive size or weight to your Firearm.

New to the SR-33ALTi is the addition of the HUB system of thread adapters. While a 5/8x24 thread adapter is included with each suppressor, the HUB compatible threads at the rear of the suppressor will allow you to mount the SR-33ALTi on any existing HUB compatible adapters or muzzle devices.

The SR-33ALTi is the ideal choice for hunters who shoot popular long-range magnum rifles where size and weight can’t take a back seat to performance.

Weight: 18 oz.
Length: 10.5”
Diameter: 1.875”
Color: Black
Thread Pitch: HUB compatible, 5/8x24 included

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