Whether you punch paper, shoot steel, or use your handgun for hunting, Nosler® ensures you have the very finest in accuracy, consistency and overall quality. Each bullet is produced on the most advanced, fully automated machinery and, like our premium rifle bullets, Nosler® hand inspects and then polishes all Sporting Handgun™ bullets to a bright finish.

  • Tapered Jacket

    Extremely concentric, tapered jacket is built for maximum accuracy and enhanced game-taking ability.

  • Well-Defined Cannelure

    Holds jacket and core together and permits a tight crimp that eliminates bullet movement within the case.

  • Form-Fitted Pure Lead Core

    Allows for reliable expansion and maximum accuracy across a broad velocity range.

Game Recommendations

Steel Targets Steel
Pig Pig
Deer Deer
Prairie Dog Prairie Dog


800 fps 800 fps
1100 fps 1100 fps
1250 fps 1250 fps
1350 fps 1350 fps
Part # Product Image Caliber Bullet Weight Bullet Profile BC G1 Box Qty Price QtyDetailsPurchase
44841 38 Caliber 158gr JHP Sporting Handgun (250ct) 38 158gr Jacketed Hollow Point 0.182 250
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43012 41 Caliber 210gr JHP Sporting Handgun (100ct) 41 210gr Jacketed Hollow Point 0.17 100
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44846 44 Caliber 200gr JHP Sporting Handgun (250ct) 44 200gr Jacketed Hollow Point 0.151 250
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44868 44 Caliber 240gr JSP Sporting Handgun (250ct) 44 240gr Jacketed Soft Point 0.177 250
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44842 44 Caliber 240gr JHP Sporting Handgun (250ct) 44 240gr Jacketed Hollow Point 0.173 250
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42069 44 Caliber 300gr JHP Sporting Handgun (100ct) 44 300gr Jacketed Hollow Point 0.206 100
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43013 45 Colt 250gr JHP Sporting Handgun (100ct) 45 Colt 250gr Jacketed Hollow Point 0.177 100
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