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Rifle Troubleshooting

Don’t send your rifle back to Nosler until you have done these things first to check that you can’t remedy the issue yourself:

1. Clean your barrel
2. Make sure action screws are tight
3. Make sure scope bases and rings are tight
4. Make sure scope is tracking properly

Rifle Return Guidelines

When returning your firearm to Nosler for service, make sure to securely pack the firearm in an approved shipping container. Damage to the rifle during the shipping process can be eliminated if you take the time and effort to package items carefully.

  • Check that the rifle is unloaded and remove the bolt.
  • Use the standard cardboard long rifle boxes often used for shipping rifles, preferable the factory original box. A hard rifle case can be used as a substitute.
  • You will need wide packing tape, bubble wrap, and most desirably, the foam egg crate insert found in the factory packaging. Do not use shipping peanuts as they will not provide adequate protection for the rifle during shipment.
  • Place foam egg crate material on the bottom of the box and the top of the box, then place the rifle between these two layers of material.
  • Take the bolt and wrap it completely in bubble wrap with several layers and tape it by itself.
  • Bubble wrap the barrel or use the factory protective barrel sleeve. The fit must be snug within the box to prevent rifle movement. Place the bubble-wrapped bolt in the box under the foam to further prevent any contact between the bolt and the rifle during shipment.
  • Double check that the bolt will not move and will remain inside its bubble wrapping. Loose bolts are the number one cause of damage to rifles during shipping. This also assures that the rifle and bolt stay together should there be a shipping mishap.
  • Inside the rifle case, include the factory return form so we know where to direct this rifle, what work is to be performed and who the rifle belongs to.
  • Close and tape the exterior of the box, enough so that it cannot easily be torn open in transit. Double check any rips in the cardboard, small or large, are taped over several times.
  • Shake the box, sideways, up and down, looking for no movement of the rifle. If the rifle and bolt feel and sound secure in the box, the rifle is now ready for shipment.

Nosler will inspect and repair your firearm as deemed appropriate and will return the firearm to you by a reputable shipper. Be advised, an adult signature is required for the receipt of a firearm, so an adult must be present.

Other Damages and Returns

In the event an order is damaged while in transit, please notify Nosler Customer Support as soon as possible. We will file a claim with the carrier and replace or credit as needed once the claim has been completed. The length of time to process a claim varies.

Note: In the event of a damage or shortage, please keep all packaging materials, boxes, and product on hand until the claim has been processed. Failure to do so will result in delays and possible termination of the claim.

Please report any shortages to Nosler Customer Support as soon as possible.

If you receive an item that you believe to be defective, please contact Nosler Customer Support as soon as possible. We will do our best to rectify the situation.

To report damage, shortage or to arrange for a return please contact Nosler Customer Support. Further instructions will be given at that time.

Customer Support

If anything is unclear or you may have more questions feel free to Contact Us or check our FAQs and Order Processing page or at:

115 SW Columbia Street
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(800) 285-3701

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