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M48 Custom Rifle

Starting at: $2495

To place a Nosler Custom Rifle Order:

We spend much of our free time discussing the perfect rifle for various hunts we all dream of in the distant future. More often than not, our perfect rifles differ slightly from one another, and are frequently based on various tweaks to our existing factory rifles. That is why we have adjusted our Model 48 Custom offerings for 2016, to include a more straightforward list of options based on upgraded versions of our premium production rifles. Start with a Nosler Model 48 action with a premium match-grade barrel. Then, select the stock, barrel length, color, and various additions such as a muzzle brake or open sights. We’ll take care of the barrel break-in and will accuracy test your rifle to ensure it’s ready to go right out of the box.


The Model 48 Custom is also available with special Range-Ready Package upgrades, complete with top-of-the-line optics and shooting accessories specifically selected to suit various hunting conditions and environments. Or, piece together a custom package, choosing from a variety of scopes, mounts, and shooting accessories.

Check out our online Rifle Builder application at to view any combination of specified options and features, and then we will build it to those exacting specifications. With premium components at the heart of the rifle, there is no doubt that a Model 48 Custom Rifle is up to the challenge, whether it’s in a backyard tree-stand, or half-way around the world.


Nosler Rifle Builder - Information Video



Every M48 Custom Rifle Includes:

  • Proven Nosler Model 48 custom action
  • Upgraded Match-grade, stainless steel, hand-lapped barrel
  • Barrel break-in completed by Nosler
  • Crisp, custom 3-pound trigger pull
  • Glass and stainless steel pillar bedding
  • CERAKOTE™ and Micro Slick™ metal finish
  • Accuracy test with prescribed Nosler Ammunition. Guaranteed 3/4” or better 3-shot groups at 100 yards, or 1" for belted magnums and cartridges 35 caliber and up.

*Scope, rings and bases sold separately

Options and Upgrades Include:


  • Choose Stock Color
  • Choose Cerakote Color
  • Add a Second Stock Bedded to Rifle 


  • Length of Pull Adjustment
    ( 12.5” - 14.5” | Standard L.O.P. is 13.5” )
  • Barrel Length Adjustment
    ( 20” – 26” | Standard is 24” )
  • + Muzzle Brake Addition - $200
  • + 3-Position Rocker Safety - $50
  • + Engrave text on floorplate - $50
  • + Open Sights - $325


A procedure frequently overlooked by new rifle owners is completing a thorough barrel break-in. When new barrels are made, steel is unevenly stressed and microscopic burs and rough-spots are created. Hand-lapping new barrels certainly help with those burs and rough-spots, but there is nothing like putting rounds through them to relieve stress and put the final polish on the bore.

Our recommended procedure calls for about 30 rounds and plenty of time spent cleaning the bore, and takes most shooters the better part of a day at the range to complete. However, this hard work results in a barrel that shoots better, and is significantly faster and easier to clean over its working life.

Our Model 48 Custom Rifles are fully broken in and accuracy tested prior to shipment, resulting in exceptional out-of-the-box performance and giving you less time at the range—and more time in the field.



Detailed M48 Custom Rifle Options and Upgrades:

M48 Custom rifle

1 Scope Space
Contoured to accept any standard 2-piece Remington® 700™ or Weatherby Mark V® scope base.

2 Comfortable Trigger Guard
A lightweight aluminum floorplate allows for quick unloading, without adding appreciable weight to the rifle.

3 Stainless Steel Barrel
A match-grade stainless steel hand-lapped barrel provides guaranteed accuracy and resists corrosion for long periods in the field.

M48 Custom Rifle

Model 48 Custom Stock
Nosler’s C2™ (Conditions and Chemicals) Stock Finish 

Onyx Gray Stock

Onyx Gray Stock

Through years of hunting and the sometimes monumental task of cleaning rifles, we have found that stock finishes are very susceptible to a number of cleaning chemicals. Many products are available to help reduce spilling of chemicals, but it seems unavoidable that to some degree—you cannot contain all of the mess. With this in mind, we set out to find a stock coating that would resist chemicals, and help protect the rifle from field-wear. We finally found a compound that can be added to the Model 48 Custom stock that suited our needs. It can resist a number of standard cleaning chemicals and serves as an invisible barrier against many superficial stock scratches that can make a rifle appear worn. In addition to providing superior protection, this Teflon® based coating provides additional texture for a better grip in cold or wet conditions.  


Choose Your Stock Color

A hand-laid Kevlar® and carbon fiber stock supports the Nosler Model 48 action which is glass and pillar bedded. The stock is incredibly strong and lightweight—this is a result of the careful weave of materials that prevent any voids or weak points from forming. Your choice of color:

  • Onyx Grey
  • Obsidian Black
  • Desert Tan
  • Woodland Green


A composite stock reinforced with aramid fibers and an aluminum bedding chassis provide a lightweight and durable platform for the Nosler Model 48 action. Weather will not cause the stock to swell or warp, leading to consistent shot placement in any condition.

  • Gray w/ Black Webbing
  • Black w/ Grey Webbing
  • Walnut
  • Extra Fancy Walnut

Choose Cerakote Color

All external metal surfaces are coated with the NIC Industries Cerakote™ finish. Designed to protect against rust and wear, Cerakote™ products can withstand tremendous impact with no coating loss, and can resist corrosion in a variety of tough conditions. We have found Cerakote™ to be the best firearms finish available to date. Your choice of color: 

+ Muzzle Break Addition - $200



- Magnesium - 
- Graphite Black ( Matte ) -
- Slate Gray -
- Dark Earth -
- Forest Green -



Model 48 Custom rifles are built-to-order

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