The Nosler Pro-Staff is a select group of hunters and shooters whose achievements and expertise qualify them for a place on our team. Our pro-staff is made up of professional guides, outfitters, hunters, television personalities, and competitive shooters. They are an integral part of our research and development process, providing feedback and testing on new products. The members of our Pro-Staff make their livings hunting and shooting. They spend more time at the range or in the field in one year than most of us will in a lifetime. We supply them with product, and they provide us with honest feedback about what works, and what needs to be improved. Our Pro-Staff members don’t just endorse our products; they rely on them day in and day out to get the job done. Whether they are guiding clients to a once-in-a-lifetime trophy, filming a television episode at the end of the world, or competing for a championship, our Pro-Staffers choose Nosler because they know they can rely on the quality and performance of Nosler bullets, brass, ammunition and rifles. Talk to any member of our Pro-Staff and they will be happy to tell you why “Professionals trust Nosler.”



Pro Hunter, Outfitter, Hunting Consultant, TV Host, Executive Producer


Jim Shockey

Jim is the winner of SCI’s prestigious CJ McElroy Award and North American Professional Hunter of the Year Award. His personal hunting experiences include travel to the remotest, wildest and most beautiful reaches of the world. To date, he has taken more than 200 big game species across the globe, including more than 190 different species with muzzleloader and holds more than 50 SCI world records. His energetic and adventurous approach to worldwide big game hunting and conservation have made him one of the most respected hunting personalities alive today and one of the most accomplished big game hunters in history.

Jim resides in British Columbia, Canada with his beautiful wife of 25 years, Louise.  



Member, US Palma Rifle Team


Anette Wachter

Growing up in Seattle I was never introduced to shooting. When I met my husband Charles, he invited me to try his sport of shooting High Power with a service rifle. I loved it immediately and excelled quickly to the NRA Master Class. A few years ago, a friend who shoots long range asked me to try the Palma category of High Power. We use a custom .308 bolt action rifle with a 30-32” barrel and iron sights. Our distances are from 300 to 1000 yards. Within 6 months, I received my NRA High Master card and within 2 years I was invited to train with the US Development Team. 2011 was a successful year with winning the B.C. Rifle Championship and a national NRA record at 300 yards with 19X/20 while shooting Nosler .308-155gr. Custom Competition Bullets. In 2012,     I started shooting 3 Gun and will transition into Tactical Rifle/Sniper matches. Although 3 gun is great and it gives me a chance to advance my pistol and shotgun skills, I am excited to put my long range rifle skills to the test of timed sniper obstacle courses. This sport is becoming more popular and it also allows me to play with optics which is new for me. You can follow my adventures on my blog at



A.K.A.  "The Twins"


Jason Whitaker

Nosler Pro-staffers Josh and Jason Whitaker A.K.A.  "The Twins"  from Colorado started hunting and trapping at a very young age. After high school, the twins started professionally guiding big game hunters in the West. They now have 15 years of guiding experience for western big game as well as 11 years guiding in Sonora, Mexico. Jason and Josh own and operate Whitaker Brothers Hunting Company and provide trophy class hunts in several different states and Mexico for many different species of game. They also guide hunters on the famous Deseret ranch in northern Utah for Tom Land of Wild Country Outfitters. The twins have built a great reputation as some of the most honest, hard working guides and outfitters in the industry. Their work ethic is second to none and if they aren't in the field they are working out to stay in shape so they have no limitations in providing their clients with a hunt of a lifetime!  After years of hunting and guiding experience the twins have learned what works best which is why they choose Nosler rifles and ammunition for themselves as well as their clients. The twins are proud to be on Nosler's team representing a product and company that has made them and  other people successful on hunts worldwide! 

Josh Whitaker



Co-host of “Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures”


Eva Shockey

Eva Shockey knows what it means to be a part of the Outdoor Industry. Growing up with Jim Shockey as her father brought Eva into the outdoors and in front of the camera at an early age. With a combined passion for conservation and adventure, Eva is now a full-fledged 'Outdoor Channel' and 'Wild TV' personality and is quickly making a name for herself within the industry as a proud, outdoors-woman. Spending over 250 days per year traveling the world to hunt and co-host "Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures" as well as represent the Outdoor Channel at various television appearances, red carpet events, and trade-shows across Canada and the USA, Eva has found a way to balance hunting, travel and family into what she calls the “best lifestyle in the world”.  



President of Kromka Sporting Adventures


Jim Kromka

I grew up hunting on a family farm in central Wisconsin. I spent most of my free time enjoying the outdoors, and hunting. As a boy I read stories written by my idols, Jack O'Connor, Ernest Hemingway, and Peter Capstick. I dreamed of hunting big game around the world and someday sharing my adventures with others. While attending Valley Forge Military Academy, I didn't get much time to hunt , so I decided to shoot on their rifle team to keep my skills honed. Many years later, I started my own business, I worked hard for 22 yrs  to support my habit for big game hunting,and competitive shooting. Four years ago I started working for Griffin&Howe, the company is a legend in the industry, and it was an honor to be interviewed and hired. Among the many things I did for them were retail sales, serving as ballistics expert, and big game hunting consultant. I made friends and contacts around the world, and decided to follow my life long dream, of sharing my love and knowledge for the sport with others while getting them into the field. I am now President of Kromka Sporting Adventures. I book and host hunting trips in North America, Europe, Africa, and Canada. I give shooting instructions from basic to unique personalized lessons to get my clients ready for their hunts with me.

It’s an Honor to be a Nosler Inc pro staff member. Their rifles are the most accurate I have shot, and their ammunition takes down range accuracy to a whole new level. John Nosler revolutionized the industry with the Partition bullet, and did it again with the Ballistic Tip, and AcccuBond bullets. My clients LOVE Nosler products, I do, and so will you!

Happy Hunting,

Jim Kromka 



International hunting expert & co-host of Jim Shockey’s The Professionals.


Corey Knowlton

Like most of us I started hunting at a young age with my family.  Mainly after upland birds with my father, grandfather, and mother.  As I grew older, I wanted to turn my passion for hunting into my career.  I started out guiding friends on Waterfowl hunts and then soon I landed my first real job in the outdoors as an assistant guide in Colorado hunting Mountain Lions.  I saved all the money I could and used it to go on any big game hunt I could afford.  After a few more years of experience, along with a partner I started a Hunting Consulting agency.   Through this, I got to host trips and Guide hunters around the world.  Over a decade ago I met a guy named Jim Shockey and he trusted me to book his first African Safari. Over the years, this relationship grew and grew and a few years, back we came up with the idea to show the world what really goes down on these crazy trips we go on.  The name of the show is "Jim Shockey's The Professionals".   After about 15 years at it I still love my job. My favorite part is getting to help someone make their outdoor dreams come true.  I don't care if it is helping someone get their first Whitetail Deer in their own back yard or if we head after a Mystical Argali Ram on some distant jagged peak 7500 miles from home, I love it and I always will.



VP-Sales & Business Development
Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures


Dan Goodenow

Dan wears many different hats for Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures including VP of Outfitting Sales, new territory exploration for outfitting (featured on Jim Shockey’s “The Professionals”) and working with industry partners to develop Shockey Signature products. He logs over 100,000 miles a year overseeing outfitting operations for Jim and has traveled the planet many times over hunting, filming and photographing. Dan has worked in a variety of management roles in sales and operations throughout his career and holds a BS in Engineering from Michigan State University as well as an MS in Management from the Rochester Institute of Technology.



Top Shot - Season One Winner


lain Harrison

This British-born marksman moved to the U.S. in part to pursue his love of shooting. He served as a recon platoon commander in the British Army and has shot everything from service small arms to 120mm anti-tank missiles and 30mm cannons. Iain is an amateur gunsmith, and even machines his own steel and aluminum on a milling machine and lathe. He placed second in Trooper Class in the 2009 MGM Ironman multi-gun competition, using firearms he made himself. Iain’s feedback had been influential in the development of Nosler’s new lines of handgun ammunition.



Nosler Pro Staff Member


Brian Cope

Brian lives near Albany, Texas where he makes his living raising and riding horses, roping, and for the past 25 years, guiding on the world famous Nail Ranch.  With countless clients and decades of hunting experience behind him, Brian has learned that no other brand in the world can be trusted in the field like Nosler.  Wounding and chasing trophy-class whitetail in fields of prickly pear and thickets of thorny mesquite is not an option - which is why Brian keeps a Nosler Trophy Grade Rifle by his side along with Nosler AccuBond ammunition for guaranteed results, every time - no tracking required.


Piet van den Berg

Piet van den Berg


TEAM 144

Team 144 was formed by three local Oregon guys that came together with a shared passion for firearms. After becoming best friends and shooting together on a regular basis, we began competing in long range tactical matches, USPSA, and 3-Gun competitions. Soon after, we were granted sponsorship's by Nosler, Leupold, AXTS, and Mascot clothing. The name ”Team 144” comes from Psalm 144 which the team believed was very appropriate. Piet, Landon, and Ryan are all in Law Enforcement and enjoy spending time on the range and teaching others who share their passion for this sport. Look them up on Facebook at:


Landon Rasmussen

Ryan Fraker




Introductions and Information 

Based out of greater Atlanta, the Noveske Shooting Team: 

Jansen Jones

Rob Romero

Kalani Laker



Executive Producer | Skull Bound TV


Jim Kinsey

Jim’s thirty years of hunting the globe have proven invaluable in his career of film and television production. Working as Director of photography and Executive Producer for the last 15 years, Jim is currently Executive Producing Season 3 of Skull Bound TV on the Sportsman Channel. He has hosted, directed, edited and conceptualized many current television shows and dozens of national commercial spots. His work has appeared on feature films with Steven Baldwin, Nat Geo's Ultimate Explorer, The History Channel, Discovery, Animal Planet, BBC, PBS, NOVA, and the Outdoor Channel. Whether stalking dangerous game on the Dark Continent or traversing British Columbia’s high country his passion for capturing the essence of the hunt is seen in his cinematography. 



TV Show Host, Producer, Outdoor Writer


Jana Waller

Jana Waller has been a hunter and angler for over 30 years, hunting all across the U.S., Africa, Canada and Alaska. Earning a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Marketing, Jana has blended her passion for hunting and conservation with her communications background, actively promoting women in the outdoors and the undeniable relationship between hunters and conservation.

Appearing on national television shows such as ‘Invasion Of’on Animal Planet, ‘Ammo & Attitude’ on NBC Sports, and ‘Outfitter Boot Camp’ on Outdoor Channel, Jana is currently hosting and co-producing her own hunting adventure show ‘Skull Bound TV’ on The Sportsman Channel. 

A ‘BONE-IFIED’ skull artist, Jana has been painting and beading European skulls for over a decade, custom designing skull art for hunters across the country.



Outdoor Writer, TV Host



Gary Lewis

Gary Lewis is an award-winning author, TV host, speaker and photographer. He has hunted and fished in seven countries on three continents and in the islands of the South Pacific. Born and raised in the Northwest, he has been walking forest trails and running rivers for as long as he can remember. He is a past and current president of the Northwest Outdoor Writers Association and a recipient of NOWA’s Enos Bradner Award.

Lewis has penned 2,000 newspaper and magazine articles, some of his credits include Sports Afield, Rifle, Successful Hunter, African Sporting Gazette, Covey Rise, Cabela's Outfitter Journal, MDF and African Hunter.

Lewis lives in Central Oregon. With his wife of 26 years, Merrilee, he has three daughters, all accomplished hunters in their own right.





Ivan Carter

Native son of Zimbabwe, Ivan Carter has spent the last 25 years closely associated with Africa as a professional guide, Professional Hunter and leading voice of African conservation. Ivan holds
licenses to guide in Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Botswana and Mozambique and has personally guided people from all over the world to numerous big game animals and experiences through 11 African countries.

Ivan is the host of a new hour long television show, “Elephant Country” that will debut in October, 2015 on the Outdoor Channel. In this new show, Carter will bring viewers a behind the scenes look into some of the most complex areas of human/wildlife conflicts, surrounded by the beauty of Africa as he shows that man-eaters still exist and continent wide poaching and other conflict is on the rise. Carter’s passion and knowledge of the subject will take the viewer on an incredible journey exploring solutions to these pressing issues before it is too late.



Professional Guide, Television Personality


Brian Wojciechowski "WOJO"

Brian Wojciechowski “Wojo” has been Jim Shockey’s key right hand man and head guide for over 12 years. Wojo is the man behind the
scenes who runs the outtting operations in Jim’s Rogue River moose territory in the Yukon as well as his Canadian Whitetails operation in
Saskatchewan. He has been featured many times on “Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures”, “Jim Shockey’s – The Professionals” and “Jim Shockey’s Uncharted” guiding clients to monster moose, mountain caribou, black bears and whitetail bucks.

Wojo is a lifelong resident of Saskatchewan and when he’s not guiding for Jim he can be found hunting, shing, trapping or riding his snowmobile.  A “man’s man” who grew up on a farm, Wojo is the kind of guy who can x anything that moves and overcome any obstacle that Mother Nature throws at him. He has been happily married for 35 years, has two adult children and three grandchildren.



Professional Shooter


Janna Reeves

Janna began shooting 3 and a half years ago by purchasing a gun for concealed carry. In the fall of 2013, she shot her rst 3 gun match,
and instantly knew she wanted to become a top level competitor. In January 2014, she was invited to join the Noveske Shooting Team,
and spent 2014 training and attending matches all over the country with her team mates. Her rookie year was a successful one with multiple high lady titles as well as qualifying for a spot on the televised 3 Gun Nation Pro tour and making it to the championship shoot out.

Janna works in the rearms industry and collects, maintains, and modies guns. She also received her NRA certication as an instructor in several disciplines and teaches the basics of shooting and 3 gun.