38 Special
Handgun Cartridge



Loading the .38 Special with slower burning powders like A-No.5 or HS-6 will produce the best results in barrels four inches or longer. In short barreled revolvers, faster burning powders like A-No.2 or WST are more efficient.

When loading for the 38 Special, as with any revolver cartridge, seat the bullet so that the top of the cannelure is just visible above the case mouth and then give it a good roll crimp. The crimp should be such that you can just see the case mouth beginning to deform the ridges in the cannelure.



Nosler Ammunition

Loaded for 38 Special

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Nosler Bullets

Designed for Loading & Reloading 38 Special


Sporting Handgun Revolver Bullet

  • 38 Caliber 158 Grain