Accubond long-range bullets


Newly Updated BC'S

New for 2018, we have had the Ballistic Coefficients (BC’s) of our AccuBond-Long Range (ABLR) bullets tested and verified with Doppler radar. This has resulted in a revision of our published BC numbers to more accurately match real-world flight characteristics. Using Doppler radar to verify our BC’s allows us to provide the most accurate BC numbers to our customers while increasing the accuracy of long range ballistics calculations. To perform this critical testing, we selected the Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center (EMRTC) at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. EMRTC is the largest privately owned ordnance and ballistic test facility outside the government, encompassing 40 square miles and over 30 test ranges. EMRTC is internationally recognized as a center for excellence in energetics and ballistics research and testing. We are pleased to provide these highly accurate BC numbers and feel confident that they will bring a new degree of precision to your long-range ballistics calculations. For the utmost accuracy, we recommend using the G7 BC when calculating trajectories with the ABLR bullet line. 


AccuBond® Long Range Bullet Information

The AccuBond® -Long Range (LR) bullet line was developed in response to the escalating demand from long-range hunters who were asking for a hunting bullet that could keep up with today’s level of high-grade optics and ultra-high velocity cartridges in order to stretch practical shooting yardages past 1,000 yards; yet still perform on big-game animals.  In order to accommodate these extreme parameters, the AccuBond® -LR bullet was designed to have a minimum impact velocity of 1300fps in order to reliably expand or mushroom at those much longer distances, compared to the 1800fps minimum impact velocity of all other Nosler® hunting bullets. Now what about close range performance?  Because the lead core is bonded to the copper jacket, the AccuBond®-LR bullet will hold up to extreme velocities.  To further assist performance at such a wide range of impact velocities, the copper jacket is tapered, meaning it is thin at the nose, becoming much thicker towards the boat-tail base.

AccuBond Long Range Bullet Cutout

1 Unique Gray Polymer Tip
Assures accuracy, smooth chambering and eliminates tip damage during recoil. 

2 Bonded Performance
 Bonded for maximum weight retention and energy transfer

3 Tangent Ogive
 Promotes smooth feeding and consistent seating depths

4 Reliable Expansion
Expansion across a broad range of velocities

5 Boat Tail
Sleek, high-performance boat-tail

*When loading the AccuBond®-LR bullet, Nosler ballisticians have found that loading to the maximum SAAMI cartridge overall length tends to provide best accuracy.

AccuBond LR Bullet | Information Video


Minimum: 1300 fps ( 396 mps)
Maximum: Unlimited

Game Recommendations:

Deer, Moose, African Game

Customer Testimonial:

AccuBond Long Range Bullet Box

AccuBond Long Range bullets have changed the way I shoot

First of all I would like to say thank you for making such an amazing product! Your AccuBond Long Range bullets have changed the way I shoot, I use these bullets in my:

270 WBY (150 gr)
7mm WBY (175 gr)
7mm STW (150 gr)
300 WBY (210 gr)
and my custom build 6.5x300 WBY (129 gr).

I load all my own ammo and I use a lot of different powders, brass, and primers, but I will not use any other bullet! No exceptions!

My groups size is tighter than it's ever been and my effective shooting range is beyond belief. In the field I have never encountered a game animal too far to harvest!

Thanks again for an amazing product!

AccuBond® Long Range Product Line

6.5mm 129 Grain
AccuBond Long Range Bullet
Part# 58943
Spitzer Point

6.5mm 142 Grain
AccuBond Long Range Bullet
Part# 58922
Spitzer Point

270 Caliber 150 Grain
AccuBond Long Range Bullet
Part# 58836
Spitzer Point

7mm 150 Grain
AccuBond Long Range Bullet
Part# 58734
Spitzer Point

7mm 168 Grain
AccuBond Long Range Bullet
Part# 58623
Spitzer Point

7mm 175 Grain
AccuBond Long Range Bullet
Part# 58517
Spitzer Point

30 Caliber 168 Grain
AccuBond Long Range Bullet
Part# 58455
Spitzer Point
Introduced: 2017

30 Caliber 190 Grain
AccuBond Long Range Bullet
Part# 58456
Spitzer Point

30 Caliber 210 Grain
AccuBond Long Range Bullet
Part# 58317
Spitzer Point

338 Caliber 265 Grain
AccuBond Long Range Bullet
Part# 58454
Spitzer Point
Introduced: 2017


NEW 338 Caliber 300 Grain
AccuBond Long Range Bullet
Part# 58518
Spitzer Point