Ballistic Tip (BT) Ammunition

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Nosler® Ballistic Tip® ammunition is loaded up front with the accurate and reliable, Nosler® Ballistic Tip® Bullet. Every bullet weight and muzzle velocity is optimized for maximum effectiveness on Deer, Antelope, and Hogs.

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E-Tip (Lead Free) AMMUNITION

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Nosler® E-Tip® Ammunition is loaded up front with the high-performance, lead-free, E-Tip® hunting bullet.  The E-Tip® bullet combines uniform expansion with 95%+ weight retention for superior penetration and excellent terminal performance on all types of big game.

E-Tip Lead Free Ammuntion


NoslerCustom Ammunition

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At Nosler®, we've been custom-loading ammunition for years; not for sale, but for our own personal hunts and daily production testing.  For over 60 years, our team has known what it takes to make ammunition that is not only accurate but consistent.



Trophy Grade™ Ammunition 

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Trophy Grade Ammunition brings Nosler’s unsurpassed quality standards in accuracy and consistency directly to the shelf of your favorite gun shop or outdoor retailer.

Trophy Grade™ Varmint Ammunition 

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Trophy Grade™ VARMINT Ammunition consists of the venerable Ballistic Tip® VARMINT bullet or the frangible Ballistic Tip Lead Free along with Nosler® brass. 



Trophy Grade Long Range™ Ammunition 

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Loaded with the new AccuBond® Long Range bullet, Trophy Grade™ Long Range ammunition is designed for hunters and shooters looking for high-performance ammunition loaded with an ultra-high B.C. bonded-core bullet.



Varmageddon® Ammunition 

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Varmageddon® products were created for the high volume varmint shooter who requires reliable, consistent accuracy and the utmost precision for devastating results.



Match Grade™ Ammunition

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Nosler® Match Grade Ammunition consists of Nosler’s precisely-designed Custom Competition® bullet along with Nosler® brass. 

Match Grade™ Handgun Ammunition

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For the first time, Nosler Sporting Handgun™ and Custom Competition™ pistol bullets will be available in Nosler® Match Grade™ handgun ammunition.




Defense™ Rifle Ammunition

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Nosler® DEFENSE™ rifle ammunition will be offered in 223 Remington and loaded up front with the .224 caliber, 64 grain Bonded PERFORMANCE™ bullet that is designed for 90% weight retention, minimal deflection and true, straight-line penetration.

Defense™ Handgun Ammunition 

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Bonded PERFORMANCE™ handgun bullets will be available exclusively in Nosler® DEFENSE™ handgun ammunition and are offered in either jacketed hollow point or polymer tipped configuration.



Safari™ Ammunition 

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Loaded with either the Partition® or Nosler Solid™ and designed for the same point of impact with either bullet, Nosler® Safari Ammunition provides the ultimate versatility for any dangerous game situation.



Noveske Ammunition

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A line of ammunition so good that it squeezes every bit of performance out of a rifle while also providing maximum terminal ballistics downrange.




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A line of ammunition so good that it squeezes every bit of performance out of a rifle while also providing maximum terminal ballistics downrange.

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Ammunition Notices:

Attention New York Customers

In accordance with sections of the NYSAFE Act, all online and/or direct consumer purchases of Nosler loaded ammunition unfortunately will no longer be accepted.   All future purchases must be conducted in person at a dealer holding a current federal firearms license or businesses that have completed the required registration through the New York Police Department.

For questions regarding New York ammunition purchases, please contact us by clicking on the information tab above.



Nosler Ammunition Product Line & Ballistics Information