Nosler’s Nick Gadarzi Wins Lead Farm Barrel Burner 2.0

Prosser, WA – June, 2023 – Congratulations to Nosler Sponsored Shooter Nick Gadarzi for his victory at the Lead Farm Barrel Burner 2.0. Gadarzi displayed exceptional skill and marksmanship throughout the two-day match, earning him a total score of 187 and securing the top spot among the competitive field.

Held at the renowned "Lead Farm" on June 10-11, 2023, the Lead Farm Barrel Burner 2.0 was a challenging multi-venue match. The first day of the competition featured a field-style event, set in vast open spaces, which put the participants' wind reading abilities and natural terrain shooting skills to the ultimate test. The course of fire encompassed a 280-degree wraparound, introducing constantly changing wind angles. Field settings and natural shooting scenarios took center stage during the stages of day one. On day two, the focus shifted to a more traditional rifle range setting, emphasizing barricades, vehicles, and movement. The course comprised 20 stages, with target distances varying from 200 to 1250 yards.

Throughout the intense competition, shooters were subjected to various demanding scenarios, where their marksmanship, mental fortitude, and physical agility were crucial factors determining the outcome. Gadarzi's consistent performance and exceptional abilities have made him a formidable competitor in every match this year. His recent victory at the Parma PRS Qualifier in May highlighted his skills, and it came as no surprise to Nosler that he once again emerged on top at the Lead Farm Barrel Burner.

Nosler takes great pride in congratulating Gadarzi on his achievement and is honored to have him represent Nosler's RDF match bullet in the field. Gadarzi's marksmanship, combined with the performance and precision of Nosler's products, truly exemplifies the spirit of excellence and innovation that the brand represents.

As a committed supporter of shooting sports, Nosler is proud to sponsor the Lead Farm Barrel Burner 2.0, along with numerous other matches in the Northwest Region. The company's continued dedication to providing shooters with top-quality products and supporting their passion for the sport has made them a trusted and respected name in the industry.