We’re excited to announce the release of Born Ballistic, the new autobiography of company CEO, Bob Nosler, and the next saga in the epic tale of one of the American West’s great industrial and hunting families.

Bob Nosler: Born Ballistic picks up the Nosler story where founder John A. Nosler left off in his 2005 autobiography Going Ballistic. Told through the eyes of his son, Bob Nosler recounts his life from early childhood alongside his father who invented the legendary Nosler Partition bullet, to navigating adolescence, military service and eventually making the decision to join the family business where he has helped transform an entire industry over the past 50 years.

Born Ballistic is told in collaboration with award-winning outdoor writer and TV host, Gary Lewis, who spent two years and hundreds of hours with Bob Nosler during the writing process and who helped tell his father’s story Going Ballistic: The Life and Adventures of John Nosler.

“Like my dad’s autobiography, Going Ballistic, Born Ballistic started out to be a simple collection of stories for future generations of Noslers to enjoy” said Bob Nosler, CEO of Nosler Inc. “One thing led to another and Born Ballistic became a sequel. Hats off to Gary Lewis. It was his skill and imagination that brought this portion of my life into an autobiography.”

Born Ballistic is now available for our purchase in our online store and through Amazon.