Nosler Sponsored Shooter Cody Anderson Finishes 7th Place at Tactical Games National Championship

Florence, TX – November, 2023 – Nosler® proudly congratulates sponsored shooter, Cody Anderson, for his performance at the Tactical Games National Championship, where he secured 7th place overall. The Tactical Games, is a unique competition merging the intense demands of CrossFit with the precision and expertise of experienced marksmanship, challenging participants with a series of physical obstacles and shooting tasks. The event serves as a global platform for shooters and athletes to showcase their skills, identify weaknesses, and put gear to the ultimate test in high-pressure scenarios.

Spanning three days across three different locations, the competition tested Cody’s endurance and skills in various ways. His journey commenced with a grueling 4-mile run along a steep trail, carrying a 45lb ruck. The trail included over 2000 stairs, with 75% of the terrain consisting of steep descents or ascents. Subsequent challenges included a distance shooting stage with targets ranging from 450 to 660 yards, complicated by high and intermittent winds, damp ground, and obscured vision due to vegetation.

Despite the challenging conditions, Cody navigated the difficulties successfully, culminating in the two-gun stage and a demanding obstacle course. The following days featured more traditional Tactical Games stages, combining physical exertion with shooting tasks lasting between 10 and 15 minutes. These stages were graded on a 100-point scale, considering the speed of completion and imposing time penalties for any misses. Additionally, participants earned points based on the number of repetitions of assigned exercises completed, coupled with accurate hits on target.

This year marked a significant improvement for Cody, with only a quarter of the penalties he incurred in 2022, where he finished in 18th place. His dedication to learning and consistent practice throughout the year undoubtedly contributed to his success. Nosler® takes pride in supporting Cody Anderson and looks forward to his future achievements in the Tactical Games scene.