Nosler’s Zane McCoy Competes at the World Championship of Cowboy Fast Draw

Fallon, NV– October, 2023 -Nosler’s Firearm Technician, Zane McCoy, recently showcased his skills at the 16th annual “The Fastest Gun Alive- World Championship of Cowboy Fast Draw” hosted by The Cowboy Fast Draw Association (CFDA) held in Fallon, Nevada. Embracing the spirit of the American Old West, participants don authentic Old West-style six-guns and holsters while sporting period-themed attire. This year’s competition drew in more than 300 skilled modern-era gunfighters from the United States, Canada, Switzerland, and France, all seeking to prove their expertise in this challenging competition.

The competition format follows an elimination style, with matchups determined purely by the “luck of the draw.” Importantly, competitors never aim their six-guns at opponents. Instead, they stand side by side, each armed with a 17” metal plate target situated 15 feet downrange. A digital timer initiates a starting light on each target simultaneously, demanding quick reflexes as both shooters draw and fire, aiming to hit their targets faster than their opponents. The difficulty of hip-shooting these targets at such competitive speeds cannot be overstated, requiring a notable balance of speed and precision.

Zane McCoy, a seasoned competitor with over 8 years of experience, demonstrated a high level of skill by securing the 15th place overall in the Men’s division, competing against 180 participants at “The Fastest Gun Alive.” Zane further distinguished himself by finishing 8th place in the Top Gun of the Year category. Zane is not only a competitor but also a passionate advocate for the sport. He even owns his own Cowboy Fast Draw Association Club, which typically convenes on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month. If you are interested in exploring the exciting world of Cowboy Fast Draw, please reach out, and we will gladly connect you with Zane, an expert in this thrilling Western tradition.