Nosler Continues Thanksgiving Tradition of Giving Back to the Community

Bend, OR – November, 2023 – In the continuation of its time-honored Thanksgiving tradition, Nosler expresses immense pride in providing turkeys to its dedicated employees each year. This thoughtful gesture extends employees the choice to enjoy the holiday feast with their families or, in the spirit of giving, contribute the turkey to a worthy charitable cause. This longstanding practice not only reflects Nosler’s commitment to the well-being of its team but also underscores its dedication to supporting the broader community.

Last week, Nosler donated a total of 31 turkeys to community outreach organizations across the greater Central Oregon area. This act of generosity extends beyond the company's walls, symbolizing gratitude for the support received from the surrounding community. The success of Nosler is intricately woven with the support of the Central Oregon community, and the company considers it both an honor and a responsibility to give back.

The Thanksgiving tradition serves as a heartfelt expression of appreciation for the interconnected relationship with both its employees and the local community, shaping Nosler into more than just a business but a vital part of the fabric of Central Oregon.