Nosler’s Husband & Wife Duo Place 8th at AZ Precision Rifle/Accurized AR Team Challenge

Peoria, AZ– March, 2024 – Nosler®, Inc. proudly extends congratulations to sponsored shooters Tim & Regina Milkovich for their impressive 8th place finish at the AZ precision Rifle/Accurized AR Team Challenge. 

The match, held at the 79-acre Cowtown Range in Peoria, Arizona, brought together 78 skilled shooters forming 39 teams. Throughout the challenging competition, participants contended with numerous obstacles, including unpredictable winds and targets spanning distances from 200 to 1060 yards. The fast-paced match demanded not only precision shooting but also effective communication and coordination between partners. 

Regina demonstrated her ability with a 6GT bolt action rifle, equipped with Nosler 105gr RDF bullets, while Tim showcased his skills with an AR10 chambered in 260 Remington, utilizing Nosler 140gr RDF bullets. 

Tim and Regina’s performance at the AZ Precision Rifle/Accurized AR Team Challenge is a testament to their talent and dedication. As a company committed to supporting shooters with premium products, Nosler takes pride in sponsoring Tim and Regina as they continue to excel and make their mark in the competitive shooting community.