Nosler Sponsored Shooters Dominate at Vortex Riflemen Team Challenge

Bend, Ore – March, 2024 – Nosler®, Inc. a global leader in the manufacturer of bullets, cartridge cases, ammunition, firearms and suppressors extend congratulations to its Sponsored Shooters Nick Gadarzi and James Rowe for their impressive performances at the recent Vortex Riflemen Team Challenge hosted by Blue Ridge Precision & Training in Benge, Washington. 

Gadarzi, alongside his partner Iggy Pozo, clinched a first-place finish in the team category, earning a total of 312 points. Rowe secured second place amongst the individual shooters with an impressive score of 133 points, just one-point shy of first place. 

The RTC match presented a rigorous test of marksmanship skills, featuring 18 stages surrounded by diverse natural terrain and incorporating challenging barricades. Shooters faced targets ranging from 300 to 1200 yards, with a combination of rifle and pistol firing. Difficult elements such as tough positions, variable winds, mirage, and small targets added to the intensity of the match. 

Gadarzi relied on a 6mm Dasher equipped with Nosler’s 105gr Reduced Drag Factor (RDF) bullets, showcasing the reliability and performance of Nosler’s premium products. Rowe utilized a 6mm Creedmoor loaded with Nosler’s 115gr RDF bullets, similarly demonstrating consistent accuracy and effectiveness. 

Nosler is proud to support Gadarzi and Rowe on their achievements at the Vortex Riflemen Team Challenge. Their success exemplifies the dedication, skill, and precision that define Nosler Sponsored Shooters.