A Rifle For The Next Decade

 The all-new Nosler Model 21™ is a new rifle for the next decade. Filled with cutting edge features including a wire EDM machined receiver, nitride coated, fluted bolt, match grade stainless steel barrel, and a carbon fiber stock, the Model 21 is sure to appeal to hunters and shooters all over the country. The Model 21 is built by riflemen, for riflemen and provides exceptional reliability and packable precision to any hunt—wherever that may be. Available in high performance Nosler calibers from 26 to 33, plus popular offerings such as the 6.5 Creedmoor, 308 Win. and 6.5 PRC.

Model 21 Rifles

A rifle for the next decade, the new Model 21 is a feature-rich production firearm that has the feel and performance of a custom build. Featuring premium components throughout and weighing roughly 7 pounds depending on the cartridge, the Model 21 rifle brings exceptional precision and packable reliability to any hunt.

The heart of the rifle is Nosler’s new Model 21 action, designed in collaboration with Mack Brothers, the reputable South Dakota sibling duo with a growing reputation for building some of the finest rifle actions in the industry. Most notably, their popular EVO action has built an impressive following among serious precision shooters since its introduction in 2018. The newly designed Model 21 blends the best features of the EVO with unique Nosler-engineered customizations, delivering a solid foundation for peak performance right out of the box.


A Piece of the Action

Blueprinted from birth on advanced wire EDM equipment, the Model 21 action was thoughtfully designed to deliver exceptional performance in a user-friendly platform with several built-in custom features throughout. Among these features is a spiral fluted, one-piece, Nitride coated bolt made of 4340 Chrome Moly steel. In addition to a sleek aesthetic, and nearly effortless functioning, the fluted design provides a reduction in weight and helps to channel debris, preventing the bolt from jamming in environments where dirt and sand is an issue. In line with the M21 action’s practical design philosophy, the bolt’s upgraded M16-style extractor and fire control group feature tool-less takedown.

Upgraded Bolt

A one-piece bolt body machined from a hardened 4340 Chrome Molybdenum billet.  The bolt is fluted to decrease the contact of bolt to receiver which provides for a smooth open and close.  To also increase the smooth feel and increase the life of the bolt it is then NIB-X ( Nitride) coated.  Using a modified M-16 style extractor provides for excellent extraction while using a tool-less design for disassembly and cleaning.  The bolt handle is threaded 5/16-24 TPI for change out to many popular bolt handle configurations.


Carbon Fiber Stock

When hunters think of a strong, dependable yet lightweight stock, the #1 material they think of is Carbon Fiber for accuracy, reliability and strength. The stock on the M21 is constructed of 100% carbon fiber to ensure dependability while maintaining the ultra-light feel so many hunters desire. Included for strength are Aluminum pillars and a 1” recoil pad that is set at a standard 13.5” LOP. Painted in an all-weather epoxy style paint to guard your rifle from all the elements you may encounter.

Additional Features

M21 Barrel Features

Each barrel features a precision recessed crown with a threaded muzzle (1/2-28 or 5/8-24 Tpi). Comes with easy to remove knurled thread protector.

M21 Recoil Lug Features

Self-indexing 17-4 SS recoil lug, which eliminates recoil lug alignment issues and increases thread shank length for added barrel support.

M21 Trigger Features

The Model 21 features a an externally user adjustable trigger from 2.5-5.5lbs. Designed to  operate in the harshest environments imaginable, also utilize Frictionless Release Technology™ and will  continue to perform when other triggers fail.

MSRP $2,895

General Specifications

Part # Cartridge BBL Length OAL Approx Weight Mag Cap Action Length Twist BBL Contour LOP
40121 6.5 Creedmoor 22" 41.625" 6.8 lbs 4 Short 1:8 #3 13.5"
40321 26 Nosler 24" 44.5" 7.1 lbs 3 Long 1.8 #3 13.5"
40421 27 Nosler 24" 44.5" 7.1 lbs 3 Long 1:8.5 #3 13.5"
40521 280 Ackley Improved 24" 44.5" 7.1 lbs 4 Long 1:9 #3 13.5"
40621 28 Nosler 24" 44.5" 7.1 lbs 3 Long 1:9 #3 13.5"
40721 308 Win 22" 41.65" 6.8 lbs 4 Short 1:10 #3 13.5"
40821 300 Win Mag 24" 44.5" 7.1 lbs 3 Long 1:10 #3 13.5"
40921 30 Nosler 24" 44.5" 7.1 lbs 3 Long 1:10 #3 13.5"
41021 33 Nosler 24" 44.5" 7.1 lbs 3 Long 1:10 #3 13.5"
42021 375 H&H Mag 22" 42.5" 7.0 lbs 3 Long 1:12 #5 13.5"
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