Nosler Announces Sponsorship of The Green Way Outdoors on The HISTORY® Channel

Bend, Oregon– August, 2023 – Nosler® is pleased to announce its sponsorship in support of The Green Way Outdoors. This announcement follows the show’s official launch on The HISTORY® Channel, marking a milestone in the mission to make hunting and fishing more accessible through a blend of educational and captivating content.

 “We are proud to partner with the entire team at The Green Way Outdoors. Their dynamic and engaging content accurately portrays why we all love hunting, fishing, and spending time outdoors. Presenting a positive message around hunting and conservation to The HISTORY® Channel audience is a tremendous opportunity, and one that we are excited to support,” said Mason Payer, Senior Marketing Manager at Nosler®.

With a fresh and innovative style, the series aims to reinvigorate the outdoor industry by connecting with Millennials and Gen-Z like never before. Each episode dives into specific tactics for particular species, guiding viewers through nature to the dinner table. As a result, the team’s journey summarizes eight years of dedication, hard work, and resilience to create an enlightening experience for viewers.

“The truth is, I have been using Nosler ammunition since I could afford to purchase my own ammo. The brand always stood out to me as the highest quality and I refuse to compromise when it comes to hunting,” said Kyle Green, Host and Executive Producer of The Green Way Outdoors. “My go-to bullet for our HISTORY® Channel series is the Nosler Trophy Grade AccuBond®.”

The partnership between Nosler® and The Green Way Outdoors represents a stride forward in promoting ethical and sustainable outdoor practices. Set to elevate the visibility of responsible hunting, fishing, and conservation efforts while captivating audiences with wholesome values and the beauty of nature. The Green Way Outdoors will be premiering on The HISTORY® Channel, Saturday, September 2nd at 9AM EST - Check your local listings for air times. All five Saturdays in September will feature two 30-minute episodes back to back, also available the next day on History Streaming.