Nosler’s Jana Waller in North American Outdoorsman’s Annual Women’s Issue

Bend, Oregon– August, 2023 – Nosler® is excited to announce a cover feature in the latest issue of North American Outdoorsman, highlighting the multifaceted pro team member, Jana Waller. The in-depth article dives into Waller's journey as a dedicated hunter, TV producer, writer, artist, and outdoor enthusiast, offering readers an inspiring glimpse into her world.

Central to her aspirations is a constant love for the outdoors and, without a doubt, her family. Jana characterizes her father as not only one of her best friends but also her initial mentor in the realm of hunting. To a large extent, the person Jana Waller has become can be attributed to the guidance and support of her father.

Waller’s deep passion for the great outdoors is exemplified through her career as the host and executive producer of the series “Skull Bound Chronicles”. An on-demand channel appearing on CarbonTV featuring the adventures of hunters and fishermen from around the world, shedding light on their conversation efforts and connection with the wild. Through her work on the series, Jana continues to capture the hearts of countless viewers. Making this evident when she dedicated the fourth season to participants who are combat veterans with many of them being amputees.

This exclusive feature stands as a testament to Waller’s impactful contributions to not only the hunting community as a whole but, particularly for women. Partnering with Jana for over a decade, Nosler® is honored to continue supporting her passion for the outdoors and dedication to conservation.

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