Nosler's James Rowe Takes 2nd at COSSA’s September PRS Club Match

Bend, OR –September, 2023 – Nosler, a renowned name in the firearms industry, congratulates sponsored shooter James Rowe on his 2nd place finish at the Central Oregon Shooting Sports Association September PRS Club Match. James Rowe finished with 82 match points, coming within a mere 2-point difference of clinching first place.

The Central Oregon Shooting Sports Association PRS Club Match, held at the member-only gun range in the great Northwest, featured a meticulously crafted and challenging course. With target engagements ranging from 300 to 1200 yards and 8 to 10 stages requiring 80-100 rounds, the match attracted 42 skilled competitors from across the region.

James Rowe was equipped with Nosler’s 6.5mm 140gr RDF bullets, demonstrating precision and consistency throughout the match. His 2nd place finish is a testament to the exceptional quality and performance of Nosler’s RDF match bullets. These bullets are known for their superior accuracy, reduced wind drift, and minimal recoil, making them the preferred choice of precision shooters.

Nosler remains dedicated to delivering high-quality bullets and ammunition to competitive marksmen such as James Rowe, helping them to achieve excellence in the field of competitive shooting.