Nosler Celebrates Sponsored Shooter James Rowe’s Victory at the 2024 MDT Hunter Challenge

Arbuckle, Cal – March, 2024 – Nosler®, Inc. a global leader in the manufacturer of bullets, cartridge cases, ammunition, firearms and suppressors, is proud to congratulate Sponsored Shooter James Rowe for clinching first place in the factory class shooting at the 2024 MDT Hunter Challenge in Arbuckle, California. 

The match, hosted at Freedom Ranch nestled in the foothills of Northern California and spanning over 2,000 acres, attracted 124 competitors, including 90 individual shooters and 17 teams. With 18 hunting simulated stages and a range of challenges throughout the natural terrain and steep canyons, the competition showcased the skill and precision of all competitors. 

Rowe, a valued member of the Nosler team serving as a Controls Engineering Manager, doesn’t just excel in his professional role; he also demonstrates impressive talent in competitive shooting. Reflecting on the match, Rowe highlighted the challenges faced, saying, “This match was incredibly tough. It was a real test of time and gear management. Despite finishing most stages with very little time left, I had complete trust in my rifle and gear, which gave me a lot of confidence.” 

Rowe credits his success to the performance of his gear, particularly his Nosler Carbon Chassis rifle chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor, loaded with 140gr Reduced Drag Factor (RDF) bullets and Nosler Brass. His precision and skill with Nosler equipment underscore his dedication to excellence and the superior performance of Nosler products in challenging shooting scenarios.