Nosler Leaves a Lasting Mark on Oregon Ladies Hunting Camp

Fort Rock, Oregon– July, 2023 – Nosler, a world-renowned manufacturer of high-quality ammunition and shooting products, is proud to announce the successful culmination of its support of the Oregon Ladies Hunting Camp. The partnership, aimed at empowering a connection with nature, building confidence through hunting and fostering camaraderie among women hunters, has left an indelible impact on the participants and the broader hunting community.

The Oregon Ladies Hunting Camp, a unique initiative founded with the vision of promoting women's participation in hunting and outdoor activities, has thrived for over a decade due to the dedication of owners Candy and Randy Yow who host the annual camps on their ranch in Fort Rock, Oregon. Their goal is to teach as many women and youth the basic skills they need to be safe and successful in the outdoors. This collaboration has provided participants with access to Nosler's quality ammunition, enhancing their shooting experiences and bolstering their confidence in the field.

“We’re honored to contribute to the Oregon Ladies Hunting Camp for the second year and be part of the transformative impact this camp has on women, many of whom are new hunters. Seeing passionate women embrace the opportunity to learn, grow, and connect has been inspiring” said Madi Woodward, Brand Marketing Manager at Nosler. “We believe in fostering a community where everyone can thrive in the world of hunting, and the Ladies Hunting Camp has been a shining example of that vision coming to life.”

Throughout the camp's duration, attendees were able to use and engage with Nosler’s ammunition, receiving hands-on training and personalized guidance from the Ladies Hunting Camp team. Nosler’s quality ammunition not only elevated participants' shooting proficiency but also provided them with an understanding of the critical role ammunition plays in hunting performance.

“This camp is fantastic for both experienced and non-experienced female hunters. A fun weekend surrounded by knowledgeable and supportive women that want to share their passion and skills while helping you develop and hone your own. Can wait to come back next year” expressed a Ladies Hunting Camp attendee.

As the campers return to their respective communities, they carry with them newfound skills and lasting memories. The ripple effect of this sponsorship is expected to inspire more women to explore hunting as a rewarding and empowering pursuit.