Nosler Celebrates Jill Bailey on 30 Years of Dedication

Bend, Oregon – July, 2023 – Nosler proudly announces the 30-year service anniversary of Jill Bailey (formerly Jill Nosler), Vice President of Corporate Services. Jill’s journey with Nosler began shortly after graduating from Western Oregon University, bringing fresh ideas and a strong work ethic to the organization. Over the years, she has seamlessly transitioned through various roles, from hands-on departmental work to supervisory and managerial positions, showcasing her versatility and commitment to success.

One of Jill's most notable accomplishments was her instrumental role in developing the Factory Tour Program, which offers customers an inside look into the company's manufacturing processes and values. As one of the initial tour guides, she provided visitors with an informative and engaging experience that helped promote a deeper connection between Nosler and its loyal customers.

Often referred to as the "Glue that holds us all together" by Bob and Joan, Jill Bailey has been a driving force behind the establishment of key operating procedures and policies that remain essential to the company's daily operations. Her insights and guidance have left a lasting mark on Nosler's corporate culture and principles.

In 2021, Jill's contributions were rewarded with a well-deserved promotion to Vice President of Corporate Services. This elevated role further highlighted her ability to balance the demands of her professional responsibilities with her role as a devoted family member. Jill's recent achievement of becoming a grandmother emphasizes her dedication to both her loved ones and the business she has helped nurture and grow.

The entire Nosler family extends a heartfelt congratulations to Jill Bailey on her 30th work anniversary. Her dedication, passion, and achievements continue to inspire all those fortunate enough to work alongside her.