President John Nosler Presents Bill Patterson and Michael Hoover with 30- Year Work Anniversary Rifles

Bend, OR – July, 2023 John Nosler had the pleasure of honoring two exceptional employees, Bill Patterson and Michael Hoover, for their remarkable 30-year tenure with the company. The occasion took place during the annual Plant Clean Up Day, where Bill and Michael were presented with rifles of their choice as a token of appreciation for their commitment and outstanding contributions to Nosler.

Bill Patterson exemplifies what the Nosler Culture stands for: hard work, dedication, and a positive attitude. Every day, he arrives at work with a beaming smile, ready to tackle any task assigned to him. That has remained the same over the last 30 years, where he first began in the inspection and packaging department. It didn’t take long for Bill to shine in his role, and within just a month he was promoted to custodian, a position he held for the next two decades. During his fifth year at Nosler, Bill set a personal goal to dedicate 30 years of his life to the company. He strongly emphasizes that “the people” are the primary reason for his commitment to Nosler. The support and presence of the Nosler family have been a constant source of strength for Bill. Now Bill has returned back to his root’s in inspection and packaging. His commitment and work ethic to the company’s success makes him truly deserving of this special recognition.

Joining Nosler in 1993, Michael Hoover began his journey in the inspection and packaging department before transitioning to bullet production. Spending seven years in various production roles, Michael honed his skills and gained comprehensive knowledge of the manufacturing process. In 2000, he embarked on a new chapter within the maintenance team, further expanding his expertise in bullet manufacturing and machine maintenance. In 2016, Michael's exceptional performance and contributions led to his promotion to the role of Engineering Technician, where his skills and experience continue to be sought after by operators and engineers alike.

John Nosler and the entire Nosler family extend their heartfelt congratulations to Bill Patterson and Michael Hoover on reaching this incredible milestone in their careers. The 30-year work anniversary rifle program is a testament to Nosler's commitment to recognizing and appreciating the dedication of its employees. Bill and Michael's achievements serve as an inspiration to their colleagues and demonstrate the impact of long-term loyalty and hard work.